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  • May. 5th, 2009 at 2:47 AM
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Apparently I am so awesome that I watched Star Wars this afternoon without even realizing that it's 'Star Wars Day.' May the Fourth be with you. *dork* XD Does that count as an accomplishment? Because I haven't gotten much else done today. >.< I haven't gotten much done all weekend, the days have kind of blurred together into one big procrastination effort involving lots of LJ layouts, transferring setting up Dreamwidth, setting up my new graphics comm, RPing epic Sakuraiba fluff, reading Tamora Pierce's new book (need to finish it by Friday!), poking at doing homework, setting up a new RP account, and uh more stuff I cannot remember.

To be completely honest, I started typing up this post over nine hours ago and I don't remember what I was actually going to say. :/

Erm, like everyone else, I am anxiously awaiting the end/beginning-of-term posts at [community profile] hogwartsishome. But honestly, I really don't care who won the house cup. >.>;; I just want the new term to get started. Even though none of the positions I applied for went to a vote, I'm still anxious to bring the crack into Ravenclaw to get started.

Erm, things seem to be getting back on track at [profile] worldcruise_rp, so yay and nay. Yay for getting back on track and nay for getting back on track right before finals. D:

Most pointless post ever, but I'm posting it anyway. I need to get it out of Semagic so I can post the main list for [community profile] hogwartsicons. :/


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